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Florence Cooking Schools


Food in Florence

Antipasti include crostini toscani, sliced bread rounds topped with a chicken liver-based pâté,and sliced meats (mainly prosciutto and salami, often served with melon when in season).

The typically saltless Tuscan bread frequently features in Florentine courses, especially in its famous soups, ribollita and pappa al pomodoro, both usually served with local olive oil, and in the salad of bread and fresh vegetables called panzanella that is served in summer.

The most famous main course is the bistecca alla fiorentina, a huge steak of Chianina beef cooked over hot charcoal and served very rare with its more recently derived version, the tagliata, sliced rare beef served on a bed of arugula.



Wine Tastings


Florence Wine
Wine Tasting

Learn how to taste and appreciate wine. Your wine experts will explain about planting, selection, growing, harvesting and the work process. You will discover how to read labels, which to choose and when to open certain bottles. In addition, you will hear about what's happening today in wine journalism.

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Florence Food

Cooking Classes in Florence & Tuscany

Florentine food grows out of a tradition of peasant eating rather than rarefied high cooking. The whole animal was traditionally eaten; various kinds of tripe, (trippa) and (lampredotto) were once regularly on the menu and still are sold at the remaining food carts stationed throughout the city.

We work with other restaurants and chefs not listed. If you have a small group or would like a chef to give a class at your apartment or villa rental please email us.

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Cooking & Wine Pairing

Private Cooking Classes

An introduction to preparing-and eating-traditional dishes along with the appropriate wines.

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79.00€ pp

Cooking with Cosetta or Lucca

Duration: 5hrs

Course Times : Tuesday and Thursday at 3:30pm

Cost: 79.00€ pp

Cosetta Memmola, your chef for this program, will guide you in a fine dance around flavours and tastes, offering an introduction to preparing-and eating-traditional dishes along with the appropriate wines. Menus are flexible and follow seasonal products.

Sample Menu

-Zuppa di arselle. Seppie in inzimino. Vino bianco Vernaccia di San Gimignano 2001 Montenidoli
-Risotto di zucca gialla. Coniglio alle olive nere. Chianti Rufina 2001 Cerreto Libri
-Infarinata della Garfagnana. Scamerita al finocchio selvatico. Chianti Rufina 1999 Travignoli
-Tirmasù e Biscotti al cacao amaro, profumati all'arancia. Vin santo 1996 Fattoriadi Ostina

After assisting in the preparation of dishes, you sit at a table and at 6:30 - 7:00pm you have dinner, enjoying your creations with the correct wines.

Dates -
February 3. 5. 10. 12.
March 3. 5. 10. 12.
April 7. 9. 14. 16. 28. 30.
May 5. 7.
June 9. 11. 16. 18.
July 7. 9. 14. 16.
August 4. 6. 11. 13. 18. 20. 25. 27.
September 1. 3. 8. 10. 29.
October 1. 6. 8. 13. 15. 20. 22.
November 10. 12. 17. 19.

Pasta Class

Cooking in a Restaurant

Florentine Style

Enjoy a hands on cooking class with chef Daniela at her regional restaurant situated in the San Friediano quarter. Learn to cook a traditional Tuscan Meal.

pasta class

Cook in a 5 star Villa Hotel

Deluxe Small Group Class

This former monastery, nestled on a hilltop, overlooks Florence. Dating from the 15th century its facade is attributed to Michelangelo. Don't miss this magical opportunity.

Dine and Cook

Tuscan Cooking Basics

Scheduled Group Class

Here's your chance to learn how to cook classic Tuscan food in Florence – and then eat it, matched with Tuscan wines!

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Tuscan Dinner Classes

Duration: 4.5hrs

Cost: $74.00 pp

Itinerary Details & Secure Online Booking

To request a private guide use the above Inquiry Form

Here's your chance to learn how to cook a classic Tuscan dinner in Florence – and then eat it, matched with Tuscan wines! Skilled chefs take you through each step, from starter to dessert, and at the end of your fun-filled Italian cooking lesson you can take the recipes away to try them at home.

Your cooking lesson takes place in the fully equipped, typical Florentine kitchen of a well-regarded cooking school. Guided by friendly expert chefs, you will learn how to prepare a typical four-course Tuscan meal, and also learn how to match each dish with suitable wines.

After working up a healthy appetite in the kitchen, it's on to the dining room where the prepared dishes will be served for dinner, accompanied by matching wines.


Handmade Italian Pasta Cooking Course

Duration: 3hrs

Cost: $61.00 pp

Itinerary Details & Secure Online Booking

To request a private guide use the above Inquiry Form

The Tuscans know how to prepare simple food that make the most of regional and seasonal produce. That's why classes begin in the Mercato Centrale where purveyors provide the best from the Tuscan countryside.

Follow ancient Italian traditions in your quest to learn the art of pasta making on this half day hands-on cooking workshop in Florence.

Master the authentic method of pasta creation with a rolling pin before trying your hand at the modern technique by machine. Under the expert guidance of your English speaking chef, you’ll work with flour, eggs and other ingredients to create three styles of pasta with different sauces as well as a typical Italian dessert.

This easy to follow class is both enjoyable and fun. Ideal for groups or individuals, you’re then invited to dine on the dishes you’ve prepared as you take your seat at the table for lunch. Satisfied by your self-made creations, toast your new found friends with Tuscan wine and dig in for an unforgettable feast. Buon appetitto!


Tuscan Specialities

Duration: 5hrs

Cost: $85.00 pp

Itinerary Details & Secure Online Booking

To request a private guide use the above Inquiry Form

Under the guidance of your English speaking chef, you’ll be engaged every step of the way, from sourcing seasonal produce in a local market to food preparation at a distinguished cooking school.

Step into the colorful and historic San Lorenzo central market and witness the vicarious exchanges between residing Florentines and robust stall owners as you select the freshest ingredients for class.

After trying your hand at a starter, two main courses and dessert, it’s time to sample your Tuscan creations. Gather round the table with your fellow aspiring chefs, sip some Tuscan wine and taste away!


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